From Wellness to Wellbeing


Here, at Porta Del Mar we believe in a holistic approach of wellbeing that combines mind, body and soul.
This approach exists since the ancient years as the Greek philosopher Plato believed that every part of the human body should contribute equally in order for the whole body to be healthy.

SOUL - Porta del mar


Massage & Treatments

In our Caldera Terrace just above the Ionian Sea we offer a wide range of treatments from spa therapists that promise they will make you forget about your worries or problems and just relax with the sound of sea breeze.

Overview of our offered treatments:
• Relaxing full-body massage
• Thalassotherapy body treatment
• After Sun Body treatment based on Aloe Vera
• Chocolate body treatment

Set your mind and your soul free to feel rejuvenated after our treatments!

Our treatments and therapies can be made as well within the privacy of your own villa or apartment.

Beach Yoga

Even between yoga poses, you can take a breath and enjoy a perfect view of paradise.
A selection of yoga classes performed on our sea view terraces or directly on our beach is available for you so you can keep your well being high even away from home.



Even if you are a grown up or a kid, even if it’s your first time or you are an expert on yoga SUP, it’s always fun to do it ! SUP is a well-known water sport that all people can try and test their balance. Look for our SUP board directly on our beach with a complimentary use for all of our guests.

BODY - Porta del mar


Outdoor mini-gym
You don’t have to leave your training even for one day. At Porta Del Mar, we value high the effort of keeping your body healthy.
Enjoy a workout session in our mini outdoor gym with the use of weigh lifts, pull up and rings in a beautiful surrounding next to the olive trees.

What is better way to explore the close by villages than a bicycle ride. We love that much to cycle that Porta Del Mar was recognised as Bike Friendly Hotel. Just outside of our main entrance you can find a number of mountain and trekking type bicycles with different sizes all available for our guests to use complimentary.

Canoeing is probably one of the most fun water activities and a great way to start your day combining the peaceful morning atmosphere with a little exercise.Find the canoes or the SUP boards directly on our beach for a complimentary use for all of our guests and explore the close by coastline.
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