the Greek Vineyard edition

If you are a wine lover this one is for you!
Have you ever tried quality Greek wines with magnificent aromas and complex taste? Most of you probably haven’t because Greek wines abroad are rare and still perceived “exotic”.

Greek wines are still hidden gems in the wine world that wait to be explored through its indigenous wine varieties from different regions of Greece. From our islands to the northern parts of the country, the Greek vineyard has to offer different wines with exceptional style and character!

At Porta Del Mar, we love these good wines and good company to enjoy with, that are the two reasons for hosting wine tasting events in which you don’t have to be a wine expert to participate just to share the same passion for wine with us. We are ready to take you to a wine journey like no other with the expertise of our people who studied wines and focused in the Greek vineyard with a WSET Certification (Wine and Spirit Education Trust).

Porta del mar

We host two different experiences: - Porta del mar

We host two different experiences:

-Wine flights that can be for example Summer Rosé wines of Greece or Local wines or Landmarks of the Red indigenous wine varieties, Islander Wines

-Private stone Wine Cellar visit & Wine Tasting of aged rare wines of Greece with every wine bottle being selected among vintages and wine varieties. To complete this experience we pair them with local cheeses and delicacies.

Prepare to fall in love with Greek wines and their long history!