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  • Windsurfing
  • Scuba Diving
  • Water Parks
  • Canoeing
  • Snorkeling
  • Water Sports
  • Bicycles
  • Horse Riding
  • Hiking
  • Askos Park
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We will recommend you to most trusted partners that take all safety measures and are very experienced on what they do.
The booking process is easy and fast. We will arrange everything while you will be relaxing in the resort. Most of our partners offer a free pick-up from your villa.
No commissions, best value for money. You don' t need to spend hours searching for the best offer on the island. We make sure that you get the right service for a very reasonable cost.

Some of the activities are owned and operated by independent contractors (third-parties) which are not associated with Porta del mar villas. Porta del mar does not own, operate or control these companies.
From Wellness to Wellbeing


Here, at Porta Del Mar we believe in a holistic approach of wellbeing that combines mind, body and soul.
This approach exists since the ancient years as the Greek philosopher Plato believed that every part of the human body should contribute equally in order for the whole body to be healthy.

SOUL - Porta del mar


Massage & Treatments

In our Caldera Terrace just above the Ionian Sea we offer a wide range of treatments from spa therapists that promise they will make you forget about your worries or problems and just relax with the sound of sea breeze.

Overview of our offered treatments:
• Relaxing full-body massage
• Thalassotherapy body treatment
• After Sun Body treatment based on Aloe Vera
• Chocolate body treatment

Set your mind and your soul free to feel rejuvenated after our treatments!

Our treatments and therapies can be made as well within the privacy of your own villa or apartment.

Beach Yoga

Even between yoga poses, you can take a breath and enjoy a perfect view of paradise.
A selection of yoga classes performed on our sea view terraces or directly on our beach is available for you so you can keep your well being high even away from home.



Even if you are a grown up or a kid, even if it’s your first time or you are an expert on yoga SUP, it’s always fun to do it ! SUP is a well-known water sport that all people can try and test their balance. Look for our SUP board directly on our beach with a complimentary use for all of our guests.

BODY - Porta del mar
Outdoor mini-gym
You don’t have to leave your training even for one day. At Porta Del Mar, we value high the effort of keeping your body healthy.
Enjoy a workout session in our mini outdoor gym with the use of weigh lifts, pull up and rings in a beautiful surrounding next to the olive trees.

What is better way to explore the close by villages than a bicycle ride. We love that much to cycle that Porta Del Mar was recognised as Bike Friendly Hotel. Just outside of our main entrance you can find a number of mountain and trekking type bicycles with different sizes all available for our guests to use complimentary.

Canoeing is probably one of the most fun water activities and a great way to start your day combining the peaceful morning atmosphere with a little exercise.Find the canoes or the SUP boards directly on our beach for a complimentary use for all of our guests and explore the close by coastline.
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A must do during your holiday with lots of fun for the whole family. What really makes the difference with the boat trips in Zakynthos island, is the clearest, magnificent turquoise waters you will meet everywhere around, together with the astonishing beaches whether they are sandy (in the south) or rocky (north). You will have the chance to visit secluded beaches with notable underwater life, reachable only by boat. Not to mention the top 2 landmarks: The paradise islet 'Marathonisi' in the south (known as the turtle island) and the shipwreck beach in the north that cause a great world attention every summer season.

Many companies around offer a variety of excursions, always weather permitted. It is not a good idea indeed to pick up a windy day for your trip, not only because of the shaking but because you will miss the magnificent water colors too. Another tip is to choose the morning tours as it is really getting busy after 1 pm in July/August, and massive crowds could cause an uncomfortable feeling and spoil the trip.
There are 3 main boat trips to experience on the island are

The most famous boat-trip is the one to the shipwreck beach or 'Navagio' (called by the locals) and the Blue Caves nearby. The beach lies on the very North of the island and is only reachable by boat. It is surrounded by high white cliffs and it is one of the most stunning sights in Greece. The actual shipwreck lies in the middle of a beautiful white bay, dominated by stone arches and surrounded by deep, turquoise waters. The beach and sea floor are made of white pebbles. The geology of the area results into a unique blue color really worth to face.

Near the shipwreck beach, you will meet the famous Blue Caves. Nature has crafted there a unique impression in picturesque sea-side cliffs, offering the visitor a most extraordinary spectacle. Arches and domes which could never have been formed by the human hand, offer stunning views and colors. Sun rays reflect through blue sea water from white stones of cave bottoms and walls, creating visual lighting effects. Most of the boat companies will stop there to give you time for a quick swim inside the caves. Do not miss this chance, do not forget your snorkel.


Most of the companies combine the 2 spots with 1 trip, but you can do them separately too. Starting poits are

  • either the port of Alykes/Alykanas (4h boat trip, free pick up from Porta del mar)
  • or the port of St. Nikolas in the very North (2h boat trip)
  • or the lighthouse at the cove of 'Skinari' near St Nicolas (2h boat trip)
  • or the small port Porto Vromi in the West(1h boat trip).
'Marathonisi' Island, know as the turtle island, is a unique natural sight of Zakynthos. The small paradise beaches around it provide the turtles the perfect place to give birth to their little ones. Surprisingly, even the shape of the island resembles a turtle, and that' s why it's name. This uninhabited island is located off the south coast of the island, opposite 'Keri' community. It contains tropical vegetation, turquoise waters, beaches, and sea caves. Most of the boat trips to the turtle island pay a visit to the magnificent 'Keri' caves nearby. They resemble the blue caves on the North with amazing colors and a beautiful under-water life, ideal for snorkeling. The shore from Keri community to Keri caves contains numerous interesting rock formations, including arches.

If you have the power and will to see it all at once, then you need to go for a round day-trip. Trips begin from the harbor at Zante town in early morning (around 8am) and come back in the evening time. Boats are bigger and busier, but it' s a lot of fun especially for the youngsters(high dives from the upper deck, parties on board!).
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PRIVATE TRIPS - Porta del mar
If you prefer to be in private, then you got 2 options:

You could hire a yacht with a captain on board or you could rent a motor-boat and be the captain for the day.
If you are interested in the first option, please let us know to find a flexible solution for you, according to your wishes.

The second option is safe for all ages although it does not sound so! It is a unique experience for you and your family. We work with small companies certified by the Zakynthos Port Authorities , complying with all the safety rules. After a short instruction and safety briefing, you will be able to visit small secluded beaches, caves, natural beauties within a good range and with with the freedom your 'own' boat provides you. Stop anywhere you like, as much as you like, enjoy your privacy.

"Elina's Art by the sea" shop is a cozy unique space, literally "hanging" over the Ionian waves, where the colors of the sea is an inspiration to create handmade jewellery and other artifacts, all made with love, passion and imagination! Take a look at the collection of the creations to find the ones that suit you the most and take them with you to remember your nice holiday at Porta Del Mar!